Ages K-3

Numeracy and Literacy
Science, English and Mathematics

IDEA’s primary school product includes avatar-led, numeracy and literacy program for Grades R-3 as well Science, English and Mathematics content for Grades 4-6. The literacy and numeracy modules use animated environments, adventures across Africa, interactive activities and simple stories to teach reading and writing. Grades 4-6 content has been written around the national syllabus requirements of six countries.

Topics List
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Science, English and Mathematics

IDEA’s Science, English and Mathematics content for Grades 7-12 integrates traditional e-learning content with formative assessments, filmed experiments, virtual laboratories, interactive 2D and 3D animations, diagrams, photographs, motion graphics and relevant case-studies.

*From R50 a topic

Teachers & Leaders

Professional Development

IDEA Teach are accredited professional development courses for teachers and leaders across East and South Africa. All courses are accredited with the South African Council of Education (SACE) for professional development points. The IDEA Teach digital products are founded on the latest in pedagogical theory and include practical tools and strategies for new teachers, expert educators and school leaders.

*From R200 a course

Teachers & Corporates

ICT skills Development

IDEA ICT is an accredited solution for teachers, learners and corporate professionals. It has been created to be flexibly to be used on varying learner management systems and devices. This tool is efficient in building entry level, intermediate and advanced digital teaching and learning practices individuals in a 21st century classroom or corporate environment.

*From R60 a course