Level 1

Setting up a desktop computer
Setting up a data projector
Storing files
Writing Essays with Microsoft  Office Word
Creating a basic presentation with  Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Basic Data Collection with Microsoft Office Excel
Email – accessing, reading and basic writing
Writing Letters with Microsoft  Office Word
Using the Internet to  research
Taking Digital Notes with Office  Word
Using YouTube as a teaching and  learning tool
Creating handouts with Microsoft  Office Word
Creating Daily Journals in Microsoft Office Word
Using Microsoft Office Excel for Assessment Data


Level 2

Organising your files and folders
Installing Microsoft Office 365 Software
Using images and Word Art in Microsoft Office Word
Using images and SmartArt in Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Making Data Visual in Microsoft Office Excel
Email Inbox Organisation (Pt 1)
Preparing lists of links and resources for students
Using Office OneNote for taking notes
Preparing handouts with images, Word Art and Hyperlinks Using Microsoft Word for  Programming
Using Microsoft Office Word for  Document Creation


Level 3

Networked computers
Accessing and Using Cloud Storage
Helping others to use technology
Image Design with Canvas
Collaboration through the cloud
Using tables better in Microsoft Office Word
Adding movement and hyperlinks in Powerpoint
Using Microsoft Forms for Data  Collection
Using Edmodo to Communicate with Students
Email Inbox Organisation (pt 2) Rules and Calendar
Using Pinterest to find resources
Using OneNote for Research
Creating Class Websites with Microsoft Office Sway 2

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