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Ages 4-7

Numeracy and Literacy

MyIDEA is an avatar-led, numeracy and literacy learning adventure for Grades K-3. The gamified and animated environments, create dynamic and interactive learning activities that teach students how to read, write, count and how to solve basic arithmetic.

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*From R30 a topic

Primary & Secondary School

Science, English and Mathematics

IDEA’s STEM product for Grades 4-12 integrates traditional e-learning content with formative assessments, filmed experiments, virtual laboratories, interactive 2D and 3D animations, diagrams, photographs, motion graphics and relevant case-studies. All IDEA content has been written to meet each  national syllabus requirement.

*From R50 a topic

Adults, Teachers & Leaders

Professional Development

IDEA Teach is an accredited professional development course for teachers and leaders. The IDEA Teach digital products are founded on the latest in teaching and learning practice and include strategies for new teachers, expert educators and school leaders.

*From R200 a course


MyIDEA, Primary, Secondary, Teach and ICT

IDEA tests are globally aligned, interactive assessments for students and teachers. At the end of every lesson, users are asked to test their learning and the assessment tool provides a detailed report where students and teachers can immediately access their marked results indicating their proficiency and content-mastery.

*From R60 a course

corporate social investment

World Youth Education Trust is registered in the United Kingdom, Australia and Tanzania. The Foundation focuses on education and counseling to engage issues associated with youths in disadvantaged and post-conflict areas.

WYET Uganda’s focus is the support of former child soldiers between 14-25 years old in Northern Ugandan and surrounding regions. WYET Tanzania supports, educates and counsels disadvantaged children in Swahili and Masaai communities in Northern Tanzania.

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Our content wizards

IDEA is an innovative EdTech company that has created high quality, personalised digital education content and software for students and teachers globally.

IDEA has created interactive, data-driven, digital software, content and games for students and teachers covering all grades and localised to each national education market.

IDEA has developed a completely digital STEM program from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as teacher training courses and ICT skills development.

With 127 team members across 6 countries including curriculum writers, designers, animators, illustrators, coders, project managers and researchers, IDEA’s content team is creating an developing content on a daily basis.


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IDEA Digital Education offers self directed, self-paced, personalised digital learning products for students and teachers. The student centred courses are written for students who may or may not have a teacher present. Students and teachers are encouraged to transition to become independent, critical thinkers.