Whole School Development:
Creating Institutions of Excellence

Creating Institutions of Excellence Nurturing a school culture of achievement

Why it is important to have a school culture of achievement  What is a school culture of achievement?
How to assess your school’s culture
How to develop a culture of achievement in your school


Using data to improve classroom and school performance

Why using data is important
Types of school data that can improve school performance
Classroom data: data that a teacher can collect by themselves to improve learning
Ways to analyse and use your own data to improve student outcomes
Making a survey


Parents as Partners in Schools

Why it is important to have parent partnerships in a school.
What roles do parents have in  schools?
What role do parents have in their child's learning and well-being?
How to  build parental engagement in  schools.


The school library as a centre for learning

What makes up a school ICT Environment?
Planning to use technology in teaching – Hardware
Planning to use technology in teaching – Software
Building a technology focused Professional Learning Community

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