Student Learning
and Wellbeing

The Importance of Explicit Teaching in the Classroom

What is explicit teaching ?
Why is explicit teaching important?
How do you plan for explicit teaching?
What does explicit teaching look like in the classroom?
How will you know if your teaching is explicit?


Developing Academic Resilience in Students

Why do students need Academic Resilience?
What is Academic Resilience?
Learning environments that facilitate Academic Resilience
Strategies to develop Academic Resilience
Characteristics of Academically Resilient students


Developing a Personal Best focus with students

Why a  Personal Best focus is important
What is meant by a Personal Best focus
Creating the  Personal Best classroom
Personal Best Goal  setting and Success Criteria
Assessing and Recording Personal Best progress
Next steps towards a more Personal Best focus


Positive ways to manage student behaviour in the classroom

Why it is important that students behave in class
Ways of approaching classroom behaviour management
Preventative approaches to student behaviour in the classroom
Positive strategies for managing  classroom behaviour


How to assist students to improve their learning skills

Why it is important to assist students in understanding how to learn Understanding how students learn
What students should be able to do to improve their learning
What teachers can do to assist students become more effective learners

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