Advanced Strategies for Improved
Student Performance

Characteristics of effective teachers

What is an effective teacher?
Effective teachers know their students and how to teach them
Effective teachers know their content and how to teach it
Effective teachers create effective classrooms
Effective teachers monitor their students’ progress
Effective teachers continue to grow


Teaching a differentiated classroom

Why do we need differentiated teaching?
What is meant by ‘differentiated teaching’?
Strategies for differentiated teaching
What to avoid when differentiating your teaching
Changes you can make in your classroom to differentiate your teaching


Proven strategies for teaching large classes

Challenges and opportunities posed by large classes
Developing effective learning environments in large classes
Managing large classes
Teaching large classes effectively


Teaching students who have difficulties with learning

Why some students have difficulties learning.
How we teach students who have difficulties learning.
What are some strategies to support learning for students with difficulties engaging in the different modes of learning?


Teaching Gifted Students

Why do gifted students need different teaching?
What is meant by ‘gifted’?
Teaching  strategies for gifted students
What to avoid when teaching gifted students
Changes you can make in your class to cater for gifted students


Teaching effective study skills

Why developing effective study skills is important
Developing skills in listening,  reading comprehension and memory
Preparing for study and time management
Key study skills
Managing stress


Teaching for Higher Order Understanding

Why students need higher order understanding
What is meant by higher order understanding?
Concepts and skills necessary for higher order understanding
Developing higher order understanding in students
Assessment of higher order understanding


Teaching creative and critical thinking

Why is teaching creative and critical thinking important?
What are creative and critical thinking skills?
How to establish a culture of thinking.
How to teach creative and critical thinking skills.
How will you know that you are successful in teaching creative and critical thinking thinking skills?


Understanding Project Based Learning

The value of Project Based Learning for students
What is Project Based Learning?
Goals targeted in Project Based Learning
Processes involved in Project Based Learning
Monitoring and assessing Project Based Learning

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