Foundations of Teaching Practice

Writing a Lesson Plan

Why it is important to have a lesson plan
How to write a lesson plan
The language of lesson plans
How will you know you have a good lesson plan?


Writing a teaching program
for a unit of study

What is a teaching program?
From syllabus to classroom
Scope and SequenceA unit of work
Teaching and learning strategies
Checklist for writing a teaching program


Asking Good Questions

Why is it important that teachers and students ask good questions?
What are good questions?
What do some experts say about good questions?
Improve your questioning in the classroom
Teaching students to ask good questions


Using teaching aids to enhance your lessons

Why are teaching aids important?
What are the different types of teaching aids?
Designing and making your own teaching aids


Facilitating collaborative group work

Why do we need collaborative group work?
What is meant by ‘collaborative group work’?
Strategies for facilitating collaborative group work
What to avoid when using group work with your class
Changes to make in your classroom to use group work more effectively


Developing Effective Induction Programs

Why are induction programs important?
Who are they for?
Student induction program
Novice teacher induction program
New teacher induction program
Administration staff induction program Parent induction program Preservice student teacher  induction program
Evaluation of  induction programs

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