Effective Assessment and Reporting to Improve Teaching and Learning

Providing effective feedback to improve student learning

Why it is important to have effective feedback.
What effective feedback is.
How teachers write feedback.
How you will know feedback is effective.


Using Assessment of Learning

What is  assessment and  its purpose?
How do you plan  assessment for learning and assessment of learning opportunities?
How do you design and implement assessment for learning strategies?
How do you design and implement assessment of learning strategies?
How can teacher feedback be best organised and communicated?
How can teachers effectively manage the classroom to best support student learning?


Writing quality tests and examinations

Why it is important to write quality tests and examinations
The purposes of tests and examinations
Skills expected of students
Types of questions and their functions
How to write good tests and exams


Teaching effective test and examination techniques

Why developing test/exam skills is important
Preparing for different types of exams and tests
Exam preparation skills
The day of the exam


Writing quality student reports

Why do student reports matter?
What should be included in a student report?
How to write a quality student report
How to develop consistency in report writing

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